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Finding the right Halloween costumes among hundreds of those available on local and online stores can be difficult at times. Sometimes you end up spending more money on a costume that you come to know is not even fitting you while at times, there your costume does not resonate with that of others.

So how to exactly choose the best Halloween costumes? Don’t worry, we got you covered. This 10 step guide will enable you to choose the right costume, for the right occasion in the right way. So without further ado, let’s jump straight in.

1.   Be an Early Buyer

It’s always preferable to buy costumes as early as possible. Doing this saves you in cases where the costume is either inappropriate or looks unpromising. You may end up finding holes or scratches on it once you are about to try it, you never know what you may get.

If you are a seller, then buying bulk Halloween costumes can save you from extra costs and major flaws in them. Buying early gives you extra time to exchange it for another one or return the product straightaway.

2. Put a Budget Cap

With time passing by, even the cheap and funny Halloween costumes will be worth a lot more than you imagined. So it’s better to go early and put budget caps to ensure you do not overspend.  The best way to keep a check on your budget is to have a break up of other essentials that you are about to buy with the costume like wigs, makeup and other accessories matching with the costume.

3. Style

Halloween is a special occasion, hence it’s desirable to buy a stylish dress for that day taking due care of your accessories and costume. It’s up to you what you want to show that day, it can be some scary Halloween costumes or some sexy Halloween costumes that you wanted to wear for a long time. You can try wearing cosplay costumes which will give you a real superhero look.

4. Take Weather into Consideration

While buying a costume, take weather into consideration to prevent the disturbances due to sweat, and itching while you are running like a mad horse. Also take into consideration, the dress fabric, and the ideal temperature of outside that can make your Halloween a pain in the back.

5. Try Group Costume

Buying a group costume can be a wise choice if you plan on spending Halloween with your large and close-knit family members. While doing so, you can share the accessories with one other hence not necessarily spend too much on that. A group costume can also be worn at a theme party as well making it a great buy.

6. Size It Up

The problem with buying costumes online is that you cannot try them hence there is always an issue with the size. However, if you plan on buying it online only, then make sure the sizes are standard and funny, scary and entertainment costumes can be replaced by the retailer or buyer.

7. Try it After Buying

After you receive the package, it is time to put it on and see how it fits you. There can be chances of defected costume, or you find out that it is not what you ordered. To save yourself from such situations, it’s better to try it and exchange it within time in case of any faults.

8. Have a Mix Costume

If you have multiple occasions on the same Halloween day, or you have to go to many places, then you need a versatile costume that can be worn to match all those occasions. Hence try to buy accessories including wigs, bags, and others on the basis of the theme of the party or by color combinations.

9. Focus on Safety

Once you have the costume, and you are ready to wear it on the day. Take small precautionary steps because safety is also important for you. Judge if the mask that you are about to wear is cut wide enough that it covers your eyes fully. Also, check if the cosplay or historical costumes you are about to wear are of adequate lengths and does not make your life difficult while moving with heels.

10. Trying it finally

After putting on all the costumes, it is time to check if all the costumes and accessories are matching perfectly or not. The accessories may include a bag, wig, ribbon, makeup kit, etc. To nail your Halloween look, it is important to ensure if everything is falling perfectly or not.

Now you are ready to choose and wear the perfect Halloween costume.

Looking to buy some exciting Halloween costumes and accessories? Check our Shop now and get exclusive discounts.

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Halloween is one of those festivals that people look forward to. With the right costume to match the occasion, the fun can be unlimited. However, unlike what most people believe, it is not that easy to choose the right Halloween costumes.

To look unique, you ought to design your own costumes or hope that whatever you will choose from the store is perfect. We at Goods By BC have compiled the list of 10 most sought after Halloween costumes that you can purchase from our website.


Roman Goddess has a unique place in Greek culture as well as world culture. It is believed that When the Romans conquered Greece in 146 BC; they assimilated Greek culture and religion and blended it with their own culture. That’s why most of the Greek gods and goddesses have two names–a Greek name and a Roman name.

A lady in a classical Greek or a Roman goddess Halloween costume on Halloween night will be a worthy tribute to this rich Greek culture. The Greek goddess costumes are available to purchase at BCGoodsBy. The pair includes a toga or a beautiful flowing ivory gown with golden stripes on the waist.

The outfit will help you reveal your inner Goddess in this Grecian inspired look.

Goods By BC is also a Halloween costume wholesale dealer. You can buy a Roman goddess outfit in wholesale too!


Nativity Scenes is one of Christmas’s famous stories. We find this play being performed almost everywhere during Christmas. But, nativity Scenes without Joseph’s child costumes are half-done. Make sure you’ve got a good Joseph costume if you’re planning this nativity scene this Christmas or for Halloween.

You can buy the Joseph costume At Goods By BC. The set includes a tunic and a brown overcoat attached to the robe. The outfit is available in children’s small, medium, and large sizes. Be sure to check our accessories page for Joseph costume accessories!


You don’t need to go back to the 18th century to be a Picasso. Just by purchasing a pair of Renaissance Painter costumes from Goods By BC, you can make this dream come true. The costume includes a Red gown attached to the brown coat.

This Painter look is ideal for theatrical productions, Halloween Parties, and Cosplay events. The dress is 100% polyester. For accessories such as beards or caps, you can always check our accessories page.

Just add a pair of a paintbrush and a paint tray as your artillery, and you are ready to roll!


Be a messiah for a day and bless the people! Buy Jesus’ costume from Goods By BC.

Based on the classic characterization of Good Shepherd, the Christmas costume features a complete look with a ruby sash and an iconic long robe. This costume is perfect for your annual Christmas pageant or play!

The outfit gives you an iconic Biblical figure look. The dress is 100% polyester.

Add a plastic crown of thorns to complete this biblical look and to make this an exceptional costume for church shows or religiously themed Halloween parties!


More skills required for being a Caribbean pirate other than knowing a taste of rum and a funny accent. It also demands a dashing outfit, sword skill, and charisma. We can’t help you out with all these three, but we can certainly help you with the dashing Caribbean pirate costumes.

Our Caribbean pirate costume comprises a long white shirt, paired with a brown coloured cropped skirt and a black trouser.

Buy a perfect Caribbean pirate costume from the Goods By BC.

To add, you can even buy this outfit in bulk at wholesale rate from Goods By BC as we are a Halloween costumes wholesaler too!


Board this year’s Halloween ship in high seas style by putting on this lady buccaneer. We are damn sure that every pirate will fall in love with the lass who wears this Sexy Medieval pirate costume!

This medieval pirate costume has everything you need except the boots and the battlewagon.

The pirate costume at Goods By BC holds a shiny white shirt, Red & Golden top, and a knee-long red-coloured mesh skirt. Pair it up with white boots. The ruby and gold details are ideal fit for the Comic-Con events, Halloween parties, and plays. Buy Now!


Are you planning for a kinda holy Halloween this time around? Be holier than thou with wearing this religiously inspired Nun costume. Turn things up on the dance floor. Make some moves!

The Sister costume at Goods By BC includes a thigh long off-shoulder black dress paired with black mesh pattern. Wear a white-colour head ribbon and white stockings to soar the party temperature. Don’t forget cross jewellery.

You can even convince your partner to wear a priest or pop costume to make you a perfect Halloween couple!


Goods By BC also has a variety of sidekick costumes. Dress up as a sexy plumber this Halloween. The plumber costume comes with a green T-shirt, Green cap, and a blue Jumpsuit. Keep some plumbing tools handy to give it a more realistic look.

This Green Plumber costume is ideal for Comic-Con and Halloween. The outfit is 100% Polyester made. Just to add, being a Halloween costume wholesaler, you can count on us for bulk buy.


We are assured that Fairy costumes will always be a part of the Halloween parties until the world’s end.

From Cinderella to rainbow fairies to woodland fairies, we have witnessed an entirely different world that is full of fairies. Dress up in a fairy costume and fly to Neverland. If you want to wear a fairy costume on this Halloween, take a look through our vast selection of outfits. We know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!

We suggest you buy this fairy costume from Goods By BC. The Mint green short dress with bottom details would be a simple yet perfect outfit for the Halloween fairy costume. Grab a complete look by bringing your own wand and let the people envy you.


The sailor is the person who navigates and assists the operation of marine ships. You could either be a beautiful sexy sailor or transform into a pin-up character with added designs. We have sailor costumes for women.

The Sailor woman costume at Goods By BC offers a dark Red T-shirt paired with a regular size black short. Add knee-long white socks to make it look better. This gorgeous ensemble makes it easy to imagine the sounds of the sea around you.

You can even convince your friends and family for a group costume to enjoy Halloween day to its fullest.

Let’s set sail!

With this, we are concluding the list of 10 Best Selling Goods by BC Costumes 2020. We hope you liked most of these dresses. Also, don’t forget to contact us whenever you plan to buy Halloween costumes in wholesale. We have the best deals to offer!

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It is not easy to start, manage and grow an online business. It requires a lot of investments; both time and financially. The web is dynamic, and different business models are introduced on a daily basis; which is a good thing. Irrespective of the nature of the business, it is paramount you invest in digital marketing, especially if you are a player in a time-bound business such as dropshipping.

What is dropshipping?

In the versatile world of internet marketing, dropshipping can basically be defined as a unique online business model that allows a retailer of specific products such as wigs or costumes works directly with a supplier, manufacturer or distributor to deliver (dropship) products to the customer without having to personally keep inventory. This model allows the customer to place an order on the retailer’s website, pay the retail price, while the retailer makes a profit by purchasing the same product at the wholesale price and having it delivered to the customer directly. This is an amazing business model that reduces overhead costs, guarantees customers of their products in time and helps the manufacturer or distributor grow sales. At the end of the transaction, everyone is a winner.

What is digital marketing?

Most people confuse digital marketing with either social media marketing or mobile marketing. The majority assume search engine optimization covers everything about digital marketing. In a layman’s language, digital marketing a process through which products and services are made available on digital platforms for easy access by targeted customers. People spend long hours on digital platforms such as mobile devices, browsing social media websites, watching videos online, or even reading emails. Digital marketing, therefore, entails ensuring that web users get targeted advertising messages on these platforms, transforming them into buying customers.

How is digital marketing important in the dropshipping business? 

Digital marketing is the cornerstone of any online business. In the dropshipping industry, the retailer has to promote the products on his or her business. On the other hand, the customer can be any typical web surfers searching for the products to make a purchase. On coming across the said product, he or she places the order, checks out and makes the payment. This is only possible if the dropshipping suppliers have invested in digital marketing. Otherwise, there shall be no visibility. The web is competitive, and the higher the ranking in the search engines of your targeted keywords, the better for the business.

Forms of digital marketing

There are various forms of digital marketing that dropship entrepreneurs can make use of. They include, but not limited to

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engines marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-per-click

While it is advisable to utilize all the aforementioned digital marketing solutions for your Halloween business, there are some forms are obviously better than others and guarantee better long term results than others. However, each of these methods suits specific demographics; there is no one-fit-all solution whatsoever.

1. Mobile marketing 

How long do you spend on your mobile devices? Well, the truth is, most people cannot just let go of their phones. They are either browsing the internet, on some mobile apps or reading text messages. This is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing method that dropshipping suppliers can utilize to grow their businesses. The most effective and popular mobile marketing strategy is through in-app advertisements due to their higher conversion rates.

2. Email marketing 

This is one of the fastest and effective digital marketing methods. Emails have a personal touch. People check their emails multiple times a day. Sometimes, they bump into advertisements, get curious, click on the links and boom, they end up on a website selling something they like. It is also one of the oldest digital marketing methods that have remained effective over the years.

3. Pay per click

As you work on your marketing strategy, you need a budget for advertising. Pay per click allows you to pay for services such as Google AdWords and get featured on top of the search engine result pages. This is one of the easiest ways for new companies to get visibility with higher conversion rates. Most people trust the top results in SERPs, the reason why this method is effective for Halloween dropshipping businesses such as Goods by BC.

4. Social media marketing 

From the giant Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to professional sites such as LinkedIn, social media offer unlimited opportunities to digital marketers. It is, however, paramount that you understand the types of people who use these sites because Facebook users and LinkedIn users don’t have most things in common. LinkedIn might be good for B2B marketing, but not ideal for direct consumers, who are best found on Facebook. There are various ways through which your wholesale dropshipping business can go about this; from paying for ad placement to maximizing Facebook groups.

5. Content marketing 

People are hungry for information; the reason why most people check out websites. In the internet world, it is believed that content is king! Search engines will rank your site based on the quality of content. People will spend more time on your web pages if the information there is interesting to read and informative. Content marketing is crucial and diverse. While you have to publish blogs on your website, you need to explore ghost blogging and serious link building for your dropship business.

6. Search engine marketing

Commonly known as search engine optimization (SEO), this form of digital marketing is the most recommended for guaranteed long term visibility and higher ranking in SERPs. You need to understand the targeted keywords through comprehensive research, publish related content, build relevant links, ensure a presence on social media through regular content sharing, and more. It is a complex process that in most cases will require the services of a digital marketing agency.

7. Affiliate marketing 

Dropshipping closely resembles affiliate marketing. Here, you advertise and market someone’s products and earn a commission when they purchase. If you have watched a YouTube video of someone trying to convince why some solutions are better and why you should purchase, then that is what it entails.


During the Halloween period, most people purchase their costumes at the last minute. The surest way to ensure that they receive their purchases in time is through dropshipping. However, there are many dropshipping suppliers targeting the same customers. The only way to beat the chasing competition is to remain visible and relevant. That is best realized through reliable digital marketing strategies. When you get it right, your business will soar. It is a worthy investment.

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Halloween is finally around the corner and if you haven’t made any orders for your Halloween costume yet; then you need some last-minute ideas. Granted, Halloween is supposed to be gothic and scary since that’s the whole point of this holiday. But, that does quite mean that you have to restrict yourself to that specific theme. With some of the best dropship wigs in the market and a perfectly fitting outfit, you will have tongue’s wagging all over your Halloween costume; without forgetting, what little effort might have been required from your side.

More often than not, dropship costumes come at a disappointment to many, given the lack of details on the outfit at hand. Customized orders are usually tricky because you might not get something exactly how you requested it which leads to bad reviews and a ruined Halloween. But that’s not the case with Goods By BC because after working diligently with some of the most renowned manufacturers of Halloween costumes, one can rest assure that their outfits will be exactly how they ordered them and will be ready within the specified period. So, what are some of your best costumes and wigs options when it comes to the last-minute Halloween planning?

1. The ER Doctor Costume

Let’s be clear here; nothing shouts scary more than a frantic doctor in any situation. It always points to a sign that there is something wrong with someone, and that is precisely what you want to go for, especially if the theme of the party is gothic or bloody. And if that doesn’t scream Halloween spirit enough for you, then try and get some tomato paste to smear all over the outfit for a more scary look. There are also good options for wigs in wholesale prices that you might want to check out, since it’s paramount that you look completely different from your usual self.

2. Fortune Teller Costume

There is so much you can do to fully get into the Halloween character, and what better way to do so than with the fortune teller costume? A little bit of mystery goes a long way in getting the best-dressed person in the Halloween party and that is exactly what this costume is bound to do. In fact, this is one of the easiest last-minute Halloween costumes to pull off without looking like you’re trying too hard or not trying at all. I mean, how about you scare them with a little reading of your own from their hands? Or eyes? The choice is entirely up to you.

3. The Roman Goddess Costume

Let’s face it; we all have seen at least one person who has tried the Roman empire dressing style before, and it was an epic fail. Forget about the bedsheets that usually have the hems hanging around the legs and think about that wig, is it really worth the risk to make such a delicate costume yourself? Well, apart from the many options of Halloween costumes that we have for your selection, the Roman goddess costume is something that you definitely want to try. This costume is simple yet sophisticated with a touch of indifference on it, and that is one of the many reasons that will get you that best-dressed trophy at the Halloween party. Of course, you want to ensure that your elegance is something you carry with you the moment you step into this costume after receiving your Halloween dropship.

4. The Ocean Goddess Costume

The queen has arrived. This sentiment is not only worthy of a queen but of this costume that only a few people can pull off. The ocean goddess costume is particular to those people who look incredibly calm but have a bubbly, explosive personality that comes out with a few shots or just good conversation. And to complement it in order to get the perfect Halloween costume is a Blonde Pageboy wig that is also quite specific from the color to the details. The latter s one of the best Halloween wigs that you might want to try especially if you are looking to push yourself against the limits. There is also the option of dropship wigs that you might want to consider in order to get entirely personalized service and look for that matter. Your emphasis on areas that you wish to change either on the wig or the costume is wholly taken serious and amended precisely as per your request.

5. Mother Mary Costume

If you are the one who loves to stand out and have conflicting ideas about everything, then the mother Mary costume is exactly the outfit you need to raise a discussion in the room. There is the option of the Joseph’s costume that you might want to consider for your partner to have a synchronized look on Halloween. Our dropshipping suppliers are quite sufficient when it comes to Halloween costumes of your choice and pay much attention to details provided to them by us.

6. Caribbean Pirate Costume

The worst thing that can possibly happen to you at a Halloween party is everyone asking you what you are wearing. It’s bad enough that you spent quite a penny to get the costume together, but it’s even worse because the creativity it takes to come up with something unique on Halloween is quite draining. This, therefore, means that you cannot go for Halloween costumes that look confusing. That is why our Caribbean pirate costume was made. This Halloween costume is very detailed and specific, which leaves no doubt to anyone who looks at you. A dark red pageboy wig can also go a long way in complementing this simple outfit and elevating it.

What is Dropshipping?

Since the beginning of this article, dropshipping has been part and parcel of everything. So, what is dropshipping? This is where the retailer takes orders from their clientele and sends the order immediately to their manufacturer. But, unlike any other chain of supply, the products ordered by the customer are sent directly to them straight from the manufacturer. This means, while making the order, the retailer has to give delivery details of the customer too. In this chain of supply, retailers rarely keep any goods with them.

If you are not yet decided on what you are wearing for Halloween, then there is nothing to worry about because above is a collection of the best last-minute Halloween wigs and costumes for 2019 that you should definitely try out.

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The greatest holiday of the year is right around the corner, that’s right, its Halloween Season! And this here is the ultimate guide you will need to make it the best Halloween yet.

Now the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Halloween costumes, and with good reason. Halloween is one of the few times that people get to let loose and allow the creative juices flow. And what better way to express creativity and personality than with a killer Halloween costume.

But how then do you go about selecting the scary Halloween costumes for your store? Halloween is such a vast holiday with every member of the family keen on getting in on the action. To satisfy every need, you will make sure that whatever you pick will be accessible, and everyone who visits your store leaves a happy and satisfied customer. Look no further because this is how to turn spooky into sales:

1. Choose the right wigs

It goes without saying that wigs are among if not the most critical part of any Halloween costume. They are the one thing that will either make or break the entire look. And with the varied preferences of people when it comes to the kind of costume, you will need to stock a variety of wigs to satisfy their needs. 

Halloween wigs

Although choosing the kinds of Halloween wigs to stock might seem like a daunting prospect, it is a lot simpler than you might think. At the selection has already been made for you. All you have to do is pick from the assorted varieties of wigs and have them delivered right to your door.

Everything from fashion wigs to historical figure wigs is available for you to select from, all of which are sourced from the best Halloween wigs manufacturers to ensure that you and your clientele are getting the best bang for your buck.

Once you have selected your wigs, you need to work out a fast and effective way of getting them to your buyers. One of the most effective ways would be through the use of a drop shipping service. Here, you don’t have to worry about having actual inventory at hand as a seller. You may curate the wigs you want on your online store and have them delivered directly to your client. An ingenious option because the dropship wigs are just as good as if they came straight from you, except faster and with less hustle.

2. Get the best costumes

Getting the best Halloween costumes might seem like it is this mammoth task, damn near impossible, but you would be wrong to think that. Picking the right outfits for your store is as simple as visiting and selecting any from the vast array available for purchase on there.

The quality of a costume is also a critical factor to consider, especially when it comes to dropshipping business. More often than not, dropship costumes are usually of cheap material and rarely ever look like they do on the screen. You want to avoid these kinds of costumes if you intend on making a profit during this Halloween season.

You can do this by getting your Halloween apparel from a reputable supplier of wholesale Halloween costumes. A supplier that can guarantee that the products you get will top quality, ones that are sure to leave your clients happy, and as we all know; a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Once you have curated the costumes, you need to find an effective way to get the costumes to the buyers in a safe an effective way. Just like with wigs, you can offer dropship costumes to solve this. Dropshipping provides a fast and reliable option to get the products to the buyer with as little delay and redundancy as possible.

3. Sort out the Delivery

As is typical human nature, some people will wait till the very last minute to order their Halloween costumes, and they will still want the costumes delivered to them in time for the big day. This is hard to do as a retailer what with all the redundancies that come with the conventional way of doing business. By this, I refer to the whole process of having inventory delivered to you first before shipping it out to the consumer; this simply won’t do if you intend on satisfying these last-minute Halloween costume shoppers.

This is when dropshipping comes into play. But first of all, we have to answer one very pertinent question:

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping refers to a supply chain management technique whereby the retailer does not have to keep an inventory of the goods he is selling; instead, the buyers’ order and shipment information is relayed either the manufacturer or drop shipping supplier or distributor who then ships the products directly to the customer.

This is an ingenious way of doing business; it eliminates the restrictions of the conventional physical store and inventory business model. It is even more appealing in the sense that it removes the problem of having leftover stock, especially when you deal in seasonal products such as Halloween costumes because there is no physical stock to begin with.

Another point that makes this even more attractive as a mode of conducting business is that it is so flexible you can do your job from home. The lack of a physical inventory negates the need to have an actual physical location from which to conduct business. Great news because you can do all this right from the comfort of your home.

Follow these simple guidelines to get you into the spirit of Halloween, and help turn spooky into profit this Halloween.

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