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Do you want to get into the hair wig business and not sure where to start off?

Well, don’t worry. We are here to solve all your issues and queries on how to start in the wholesale wigs business and what steps you should take to become a successful wigs distributor or manufacturer.

Wigs have a great market of users that need it for daily purposes, for festivals, theme parties, and occasions like Halloween, New Year and other celebrations. Wearing a wig can be fun but manufacturing quality wigs and supplying it at a reasonable price is a tough thing to do.

However, these 5 steps will enable you to make the best decisions for starting off in wigs wholesale suppliers & manufacturing business.

1. Variety of Wigs

The first thing that a customer looks at is the variety of wigs wholesale wigs distributors or suppliers have. Wigs can come in various styles, lengths, and types. Make sure your wig supplier, wholesaler or distributor has a wide variety of wigs ranging from costume wigs for children and adults and most desired wig types.

Some of the wigs types that people look for mostly include Halloween wigs, wigs with bangs, full lace front wigs, braided wigs to list a few. For this try collaborating with a reliable wigs wholesale manufacturer and you will have access to a wide variety of wigs that you purchase for Halloween or sell based on your requirements.

2. Quality Matters the Most

No doubt, a variety of wigs helps in attracting the customers, but in order to make an impact in the market, you must consider buying quality wholesale wigs because ultimately quality keeps you in the market. For ensuring you get quality wholesale wigs, have a look at some of the leading wig manufacturers and wholesale synthetic wigs suppliers, read out their reviews and if possible visit them.

Analyze the quality of synthetic wigs and human hair wigs to understand if your manufacturer or wholesaler has quality products that customers would satisfy with. If the answer is yes, then go ahead with quality wigs and get ready to find a surge in the online orders for your wigs store or if you are a manufacturer, you may need to take your production to the next level because customers love quality products, don’t they?

3. Best Value for Price

Price and quality go hand in hand especially when you are looking to order in bulk from a wholesale wigs supplier. In order to get the best products at a reasonable price, make sure you or your manufacturer uses different wig preparation methods. Not only this product that goes into wig manufacturing has to be top-notch and not poor like most low budget duplicate suppliers and wholesalers.

While quality is important to get to the customer don’t overvalue your wigs. Think from a human point of view, is your target audience willing to pay that amount that you are about to list for a specified product. If your market has users that would essentially buy at your quoted price, then rest assured your strategy will work.

4. Customer Service and Rewards Program

If you look at some of the highly successful wigs wholesale suppliers, you may notice one thing, their prime focus is always customer service. A reliable customer support team that understands the pain points of the user ensures your brand image is good. Whether it is wigs quality issue, fiber shedding issue, any other packaging issue, a reliable support team that is ready to solve customer queries 24*7 is what you need.

Have a reward program for your online wigs store or in case you want to get it listed on a reliable website, then make sure the website has a reward program. Sending discount vouchers, gifts, and reliable offers will ensure a customer does not only keep coming back but also promotes you through word for mouth promotion.

Tip: Giving a wig free on the purchase of some Halloween wigs is an example that you can employ for taking off your wig sales.

5. Multiple Payment Methods

Another method that a wig business needs to employ to have reliable customers is to have multiple payment methods. Check if your vendor has multiple payment methods available so that your target audience could pay on for their wig orders seamlessly.

Secure payment methods like PayPal and others is a good indication that your vendor is actually reliable. It can be a great option in cases of disputes and it saves both vendors and customers in such cases of payment delays, payment security concerns. Moreover, as a business make sure your vendor employs multiple payment methods like a credit card, debit card, net banking, etc for ensuring customers an easy payment route.

Where to look for wholesale wigs in the USA?

Goods By BC is a top destination for various small and large wig suppliers, wholesalers and distributors in the USA. Whether you are a manufacturer looking to list your products online and sell it to your customers or you need a vast number of wigs from wholesale, we are there to take care of all your variety, and quality needs.

Need a costume or wig for the upcoming festival? Let us know about it.

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Wearing wigs with Halloween costumes, at festivals and theme parties can be such a fun thing to do. Moreover, it adds a layer of magnificence and a sense of completeness to your look. However, people are often unsure about the wig type they should buy from the wide varieties available and most importantly how to style and care for its longevity.

Don’t worry, we have come up with answers to all such questions related to costumes, and wigs that will enable you to make accurate decisions while purchasing, styling and maintaining your costume wigs.

Types of Wig and Choosing Them

There can be various types of wigs based on the material used, shape and style of a wig and the occasion it is intended for. While choosing Halloween wigs or fashion wigs online, one must know a few basics about the types of wigs available.

If your prime aim is to have some fun for Halloween or theme party, then you can consider buying an affordable and general looking mesh cap. Mesh caps are the cheapest option in terms of price and look. However, if you need entertainment wigs, i.e. wigs for the purpose of cosplay with entertainment costumes, and then you must give a thought to buying either monofilament wigs or lace wigs.

Monofilament wigs are made by sewing hairs on the hair cap. As it takes less time to prepare, these caps are also not expensive but still give a great look altogether. Lace wigs, on the other hand, look the most realistic and hence are expensive too. It uses strands of hair which are then sewn to the lace cap.

On the basis of these three types, wigs can come in varieties like with braided front wigs, full lace front wigs, and many other forms. So, it’s up to you to decide which wig type you need.

Styling a Wig

Styling a wig is not limited to combing the wig hair, rather one requires many crucial items to make sure the wig remains intact. Some items you may require for styling includes a comb, brush, pins, spray or foam, blow dryer, etc.

To style a wig firstly you need to tie your hair backward so that it does not look like a crown placed right over your head. Next up, it is time to put a wig on your head. To ensure it’s intact, and does not come out, you can make use of bobby pins and U-shaped pins between cap and hair and to internal hair as well.

While styling lace front or monofilament wigs, one should take care of wig hair and not treat it as human hair. Brush and comb when and where intended while at the same time be wary while brushing curls as it may fall off or become frizzy. To change the hair direction, one may use a spray to set the hair and then apply bobby pins on it.

To style the wig hair you can use steam, shampoo, sprays, non-heat curlers and brushes. Using shampoo followed by steam, one can get smooth and natural hair which looks pretty authentic. However, one should prohibit using heated iron or placing a wig on an oven.

Caring and Maintaining a Wig

Wigs can be costly at times and hence must be given due care and maintenance. It ensures the wig could be used for a longer period and you could use many historical costumes with it for various festivals and occasions.

Some steps you must take care of for maintaining a wig:

1. Firstly, select a brush to comb the hair wig. For this one you can consider using special plastic brushes and combs and not the regular ones. Doing this may result in hair fall and breakage.

2. Don’t wash your wig after every use. However, if you have applied too many products over it, then consider washing it after some use. For washing wigs, you can use special shampoos and spray conditioners that are ideally suited for synthetic wigs.

3. After washing the wig, don’t start combing the wig rather let it release all the water and get dry. You may consider putting it on your roof under the sun or use some blow dryer on it.

4. Avoid using curling irons, straightening wands and blow dryers. If you intend to use a blow dryer, then only do it on a low setting. Remember excessive heat can deteriorate synthetic fibers.

5. Don’t put it in a trash can rather give it to someone if you intend to do so. To keep it safe and ready to use for the next time, pack it in the packaging and put it at a safer place.

Need any help in choosing a Halloween costume or a costume wig? Have a look at our wide variety of fashion wigs, Halloween wigs, and all super fancy costumes.

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Technology is fast evolving and keeps making life easier for everyone. Unlike in the past when you had to do everything manually, including shopping, you are no longer limited. The world has become a global village and accessible to everyone; it just takes a click of a button to shop for items like Halloween wigs wholesale, costumes of your choice and even chat with friends and family that are oceans apart.

With things simplified, there is one controversial topic; the environment. What exactly is good for the environment? Do you believe in global warming, considering that even some presidents and world leaders have publicly expressed their reservations on whether it is a fallacy or reality? Truth is, science cannot be manipulated. The levels of pollution in the world can be alarming. Everyone has a role to conserve the environment. Back to online shopping of costumes wholesale, is it good for the environment or you are better off shopping from your nearby retail store?

Some people love running errands. However, it can be exhausting to go to the mall and have to sift through a broad range of products. The amount of time you spend on the road, driving from one store to another only makes offline shopping expensive and exhaustive. Take the example of Halloween wigs wholesale whose demand shoots through the roof during specific periods of the year. Is it sustainable to stock up a store, employ personnel and even pay rent for the rest of the year while sales are only realized during Halloween? The same goes for other annual celebrations such as Christmas.

Why is online shopping popular today?

There are many reasons why people would rather buy costumes wholesale online than from local stores in their neighborhoods. Top on the list is the bargains; you get good deals from various sellers irrespective of their location. Forget about driving your car for miles just to buy something like a costume. In fact, you can purchase anything today, including groceries from home. You should save the money you would have wasted on gas to do something else of importance. In fact, you will be saving the environment from pollution and other avoidable mess we have caused the universe.

Other than the convenience and bargains, you get a chance to search for and purchase the best available products. Take, for example, costumes wholesale, that come in varied designs and shapes. Halloween is that season where you want to look unique. Assuming everyone was to purchase costumes from the store nearby, you risk ending up with the same costume. The beauty of costumes is unique. Shopping online allows one to go for the most unique costume that will stand out from the rest. You can also grab offers and discounts and save a few bucks.

The environment is the only gift we are assured of. We are all responsible for our surroundings. We should be focused on leaving the world a better place than we actually found it. It can be as simple as shopping for Halloween wigs wholesale from a reputable e-commerce store as opposed to having to camp in a shopping mall. Going green doesn’t have to be complicated; you can choose how you want your products packed (using cloth as opposed to plastic packaging) or even cycling instead of driving. It is the little things we do that actually matter.

When you choose to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, you will always be cautious of the decisions you make in life. Most online purchasing processes are aided. You don’t need to write a check to online stores because there are various paperless methods of purchasing your costumes wholesale. In fact, a large number of people avoid walking around with cash, not just because it is bulky, but because it is safer. Saving on the use of paper will immensely improve the world’s forest cover because a lot of paper is used to print money in various currencies.

Any typical store must have electricity, requires the use of lots of water, has to be decorated and proper air conditioning. When shopping online for Halloween wigs wholesale, most of these are unnecessary. What do you need decorations, for example, for? Instead, the online merchant should just stock the products in some warehouse from where they are shipped to the consumers. As a matter of fact, with dropshipping, there is no need for the manufacturer to move the products from the factory to a wholesaler or retailer. All that is needed is for the online retailer to market the products remotely, process orders and have the products shipped by the manufacturer. There is absolutely no need to stock up most of these products. This does not only ensure that prices are kept at the bare minimum but saves the environment to some extent.

Tips for going green with online shopping.

It is paramount that everyone makes it a personal responsibility to shop wisely and go green. Contributions of every individual counts, whether it is just costumes wholesale or even electronics. Here are some tips that you are likely to find useful.

  • Don’t drive to the shops: most people love their cars. Yes, it is convenient and you enjoy the comfort of being behind the wheels. However, why should you drive just to pick a Halloween costume? It is okay if you can walk or ride a bicycle. If you cannot do that, then place that order online because delivery companies will deliver much more than your order, which is more environmentally friendly.
  • Consolidate your online orders: You are at liberty to purchase more than one item at once from online stores. If you need Halloween wigs wholesale, for example, find out if there is anything else you can order from the store. Is your friend or relative also planning to order from the same seller? Why not combine them into a single order that will be delivered once?
  • Accurate delivery address: Missed deliveries are counterproductive. If you are not available to receive your order, ask your neighbor to receive it on your behalf.
  • Place your orders in advance: Don’t wait till Halloween is around the corner to start ordering and demanding for express delivery. Instead, use the standard delivery method that allows products to be transported in the most cost-friendly method and in bulk.

There are many other factors that come in handy when going green in 2020 with online shopping for costumes wholesale. Just try to find out from the seller if there are any green initiatives that you can be part of.

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Halloween is one of those festivals that people look forward to. With the right costume to match the occasion, the fun can be unlimited. However, unlike what most people believe, it is not that easy to choose the right Halloween costumes.

To look unique, you ought to design your own costumes or hope that whatever you will choose from the store is perfect. We at Goods By BC have compiled the list of 10 most sought after Halloween costumes that you can purchase from our website.


Roman Goddess has a unique place in Greek culture as well as world culture. It is believed that When the Romans conquered Greece in 146 BC; they assimilated Greek culture and religion and blended it with their own culture. That’s why most of the Greek gods and goddesses have two names–a Greek name and a Roman name.

A lady in a classical Greek or a Roman goddess Halloween costume on Halloween night will be a worthy tribute to this rich Greek culture. The Greek goddess costumes are available to purchase at BCGoodsBy. The pair includes a toga or a beautiful flowing ivory gown with golden stripes on the waist.

The outfit will help you reveal your inner Goddess in this Grecian inspired look.

Goods By BC is also a Halloween costume wholesale dealer. You can buy a Roman goddess outfit in wholesale too!


Nativity Scenes is one of Christmas’s famous stories. We find this play being performed almost everywhere during Christmas. But, nativity Scenes without Joseph’s child costumes are half-done. Make sure you’ve got a good Joseph costume if you’re planning this nativity scene this Christmas or for Halloween.

You can buy the Joseph costume At Goods By BC. The set includes a tunic and a brown overcoat attached to the robe. The outfit is available in children’s small, medium, and large sizes. Be sure to check our accessories page for Joseph costume accessories!


You don’t need to go back to the 18th century to be a Picasso. Just by purchasing a pair of Renaissance Painter costumes from Goods By BC, you can make this dream come true. The costume includes a Red gown attached to the brown coat.

This Painter look is ideal for theatrical productions, Halloween Parties, and Cosplay events. The dress is 100% polyester. For accessories such as beards or caps, you can always check our accessories page.

Just add a pair of a paintbrush and a paint tray as your artillery, and you are ready to roll!


Be a messiah for a day and bless the people! Buy Jesus’ costume from Goods By BC.

Based on the classic characterization of Good Shepherd, the Christmas costume features a complete look with a ruby sash and an iconic long robe. This costume is perfect for your annual Christmas pageant or play!

The outfit gives you an iconic Biblical figure look. The dress is 100% polyester.

Add a plastic crown of thorns to complete this biblical look and to make this an exceptional costume for church shows or religiously themed Halloween parties!


More skills required for being a Caribbean pirate other than knowing a taste of rum and a funny accent. It also demands a dashing outfit, sword skill, and charisma. We can’t help you out with all these three, but we can certainly help you with the dashing Caribbean pirate costumes.

Our Caribbean pirate costume comprises a long white shirt, paired with a brown coloured cropped skirt and a black trouser.

Buy a perfect Caribbean pirate costume from the Goods By BC.

To add, you can even buy this outfit in bulk at wholesale rate from Goods By BC as we are a Halloween costumes wholesaler too!


Board this year’s Halloween ship in high seas style by putting on this lady buccaneer. We are damn sure that every pirate will fall in love with the lass who wears this Sexy Medieval pirate costume!

This medieval pirate costume has everything you need except the boots and the battlewagon.

The pirate costume at Goods By BC holds a shiny white shirt, Red & Golden top, and a knee-long red-coloured mesh skirt. Pair it up with white boots. The ruby and gold details are ideal fit for the Comic-Con events, Halloween parties, and plays. Buy Now!


Are you planning for a kinda holy Halloween this time around? Be holier than thou with wearing this religiously inspired Nun costume. Turn things up on the dance floor. Make some moves!

The Sister costume at Goods By BC includes a thigh long off-shoulder black dress paired with black mesh pattern. Wear a white-colour head ribbon and white stockings to soar the party temperature. Don’t forget cross jewellery.

You can even convince your partner to wear a priest or pop costume to make you a perfect Halloween couple!


Goods By BC also has a variety of sidekick costumes. Dress up as a sexy plumber this Halloween. The plumber costume comes with a green T-shirt, Green cap, and a blue Jumpsuit. Keep some plumbing tools handy to give it a more realistic look.

This Green Plumber costume is ideal for Comic-Con and Halloween. The outfit is 100% Polyester made. Just to add, being a Halloween costume wholesaler, you can count on us for bulk buy.


We are assured that Fairy costumes will always be a part of the Halloween parties until the world’s end.

From Cinderella to rainbow fairies to woodland fairies, we have witnessed an entirely different world that is full of fairies. Dress up in a fairy costume and fly to Neverland. If you want to wear a fairy costume on this Halloween, take a look through our vast selection of outfits. We know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!

We suggest you buy this fairy costume from Goods By BC. The Mint green short dress with bottom details would be a simple yet perfect outfit for the Halloween fairy costume. Grab a complete look by bringing your own wand and let the people envy you.


The sailor is the person who navigates and assists the operation of marine ships. You could either be a beautiful sexy sailor or transform into a pin-up character with added designs. We have sailor costumes for women.

The Sailor woman costume at Goods By BC offers a dark Red T-shirt paired with a regular size black short. Add knee-long white socks to make it look better. This gorgeous ensemble makes it easy to imagine the sounds of the sea around you.

You can even convince your friends and family for a group costume to enjoy Halloween day to its fullest.

Let’s set sail!

With this, we are concluding the list of 10 Best Selling Goods by BC Costumes 2020. We hope you liked most of these dresses. Also, don’t forget to contact us whenever you plan to buy Halloween costumes in wholesale. We have the best deals to offer!

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Halloween is finally around the corner and if you haven’t made any orders for your Halloween costume yet; then you need some last-minute ideas. Granted, Halloween is supposed to be gothic and scary since that’s the whole point of this holiday. But, that does quite mean that you have to restrict yourself to that specific theme. With some of the best dropship wigs in the market and a perfectly fitting outfit, you will have tongue’s wagging all over your Halloween costume; without forgetting, what little effort might have been required from your side.

More often than not, dropship costumes come at a disappointment to many, given the lack of details on the outfit at hand. Customized orders are usually tricky because you might not get something exactly how you requested it which leads to bad reviews and a ruined Halloween. But that’s not the case with Goods By BC because after working diligently with some of the most renowned manufacturers of Halloween costumes, one can rest assure that their outfits will be exactly how they ordered them and will be ready within the specified period. So, what are some of your best costumes and wigs options when it comes to the last-minute Halloween planning?

1. The ER Doctor Costume

Let’s be clear here; nothing shouts scary more than a frantic doctor in any situation. It always points to a sign that there is something wrong with someone, and that is precisely what you want to go for, especially if the theme of the party is gothic or bloody. And if that doesn’t scream Halloween spirit enough for you, then try and get some tomato paste to smear all over the outfit for a more scary look. There are also good options for wigs in wholesale prices that you might want to check out, since it’s paramount that you look completely different from your usual self.

2. Fortune Teller Costume

There is so much you can do to fully get into the Halloween character, and what better way to do so than with the fortune teller costume? A little bit of mystery goes a long way in getting the best-dressed person in the Halloween party and that is exactly what this costume is bound to do. In fact, this is one of the easiest last-minute Halloween costumes to pull off without looking like you’re trying too hard or not trying at all. I mean, how about you scare them with a little reading of your own from their hands? Or eyes? The choice is entirely up to you.

3. The Roman Goddess Costume

Let’s face it; we all have seen at least one person who has tried the Roman empire dressing style before, and it was an epic fail. Forget about the bedsheets that usually have the hems hanging around the legs and think about that wig, is it really worth the risk to make such a delicate costume yourself? Well, apart from the many options of Halloween costumes that we have for your selection, the Roman goddess costume is something that you definitely want to try. This costume is simple yet sophisticated with a touch of indifference on it, and that is one of the many reasons that will get you that best-dressed trophy at the Halloween party. Of course, you want to ensure that your elegance is something you carry with you the moment you step into this costume after receiving your Halloween dropship.

4. The Ocean Goddess Costume

The queen has arrived. This sentiment is not only worthy of a queen but of this costume that only a few people can pull off. The ocean goddess costume is particular to those people who look incredibly calm but have a bubbly, explosive personality that comes out with a few shots or just good conversation. And to complement it in order to get the perfect Halloween costume is a Blonde Pageboy wig that is also quite specific from the color to the details. The latter s one of the best Halloween wigs that you might want to try especially if you are looking to push yourself against the limits. There is also the option of dropship wigs that you might want to consider in order to get entirely personalized service and look for that matter. Your emphasis on areas that you wish to change either on the wig or the costume is wholly taken serious and amended precisely as per your request.

5. Mother Mary Costume

If you are the one who loves to stand out and have conflicting ideas about everything, then the mother Mary costume is exactly the outfit you need to raise a discussion in the room. There is the option of the Joseph’s costume that you might want to consider for your partner to have a synchronized look on Halloween. Our dropshipping suppliers are quite sufficient when it comes to Halloween costumes of your choice and pay much attention to details provided to them by us.

6. Caribbean Pirate Costume

The worst thing that can possibly happen to you at a Halloween party is everyone asking you what you are wearing. It’s bad enough that you spent quite a penny to get the costume together, but it’s even worse because the creativity it takes to come up with something unique on Halloween is quite draining. This, therefore, means that you cannot go for Halloween costumes that look confusing. That is why our Caribbean pirate costume was made. This Halloween costume is very detailed and specific, which leaves no doubt to anyone who looks at you. A dark red pageboy wig can also go a long way in complementing this simple outfit and elevating it.

What is Dropshipping?

Since the beginning of this article, dropshipping has been part and parcel of everything. So, what is dropshipping? This is where the retailer takes orders from their clientele and sends the order immediately to their manufacturer. But, unlike any other chain of supply, the products ordered by the customer are sent directly to them straight from the manufacturer. This means, while making the order, the retailer has to give delivery details of the customer too. In this chain of supply, retailers rarely keep any goods with them.

If you are not yet decided on what you are wearing for Halloween, then there is nothing to worry about because above is a collection of the best last-minute Halloween wigs and costumes for 2019 that you should definitely try out.

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