Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where the retailer doesn’t need a warehouse to sell their products. Instead, when you sell a product, the order is transferred to us and we ship it directly to the customer. This way, you never need to handle the product or worry about storage. We will charge you the wholesale price for the product, but you choose the retail price for the products you sell and set your own profit margin.

First, you’ll fill out our online application, then we will contact the email provided. Processing can take up to 7 business days.

Documentation for application:

  •      Valid Resale or tax Certificate
  •      If you do not have a re-sale certificate or tax certificate, that’s OK, we will just include state tax charges on your invoices (subject to the State of Washington)

After approval, we will ask you to complete the following forms:

  •      New Account Form (with credit references)
  •      Terms & Conditions (Dropship agreement)
  •      Photo trademarks & Use Form

Once you’ve filled out the all the necessary forms, we will set up your account.

In order for your account to become activated, you must provide a valid credit card number (Visa, Mastercard, Discover). Credit card information is stored securely in your member account.

1)    Your store receives an order for a Goods By BC product through your selling platform.

2)   Then transfer the order information to us via our online form.

3)    We will create your order in our system, then send the item(s) to your customer. By default, we will include a generic, unbranded packing slip. However, if you have a branding you would like to provide, we will include that instead. In some cases an item may be backordered, we will notify you right away so that you can notify the customer.

4)    Once we ship, we will send you an order confirmation and tracking information via email or your company’s vendor portal as applicable.

  • The Retailer’s name
  • Order number
  • The customer’s name and shipping address
  • Product name and corresponding product code
  • The number of items ordered
  • The ordered size and color
  • The shipping option selected (first class, priority, guaranteed 2-day)

At the end of each business day the credit card provided will be charged for orders placed that day, along with shipping and sales tax (as applicable). We will issue an itemized invoice for each order as a receipt for orders processed that day.

We do not charge any additional service fee. However, we will include the cost of shipping as well as any applicable sales tax to your invoice. You are welcome to include a prepaid shipping label with your order. 

If you provide a valid resale certificate, you will not be charged sales tax. If you do not provide a resale certificate, we will charge the sales tax as applicable to the State of Washington

After your application is approved, you will be added to our e-newsletter to receive weekly inventory updates. You may also download an update from our live inventory from the Goods By BC website.

  • Product images
  • Shipping weights
  • Size measurements
  • Product descriptions

If you sell an item that we have run out of, we will notify you right away so that you can communicate the backorder status to your customer. In this case, the customer can either wait for the item to be manufactured, which will take an extra 12-14 days, select an alternate item that is in stock, or cancel their order.

After we notify you of backorder status, we will wait for confirmation from you before we move forward. You will not be charged unless we are able to fulfill the order.

We ship everywhere in the US, including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. We also ship internationally! Keep in mind that any shipping costs plus any customs fees will be billed to you, the retailer.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the retailer; We do not pay shipping charges. We will bill your account for all shipping costs.

In every package we ship for you, we include our return policy with instructions for return. The customer will return the item directly to our warehouse in Seattle, Washington. Once received, we will process the return and refund your account for the wholesale price of the item. You, the retailer, will be responsible for issuing the buyer’s full refund.

Returns happen, we make it simple. 

Returns can be me made by the customer or by the Dropshipping Partner directly to our Seattle warehouse: 

Goods By BC
830 N 127th St
Seattle, WA 98133 

To be considered for a refund, all returns must be unworn, have all tags attached, and be shipped back to us within 30 days of delivery. All return shipping is covered by the customer or the Dropshipping Partner and requires a 15% restocking fee that we automatically subtract from the refund. The refund will be sent to the Dropshipping Partner and then they are responsible for refunding their customer.  We only offer full refunds if the item was damaged, defective, or incorrect upon initial delivery – these items must also be unworn, have all tags, and be returned within 30 days.   

We encourage you to upload a branded packing slip with your order transfer and we will include it in your shipment to the buyer. Otherwise, we will not include any branded packing slip, only our return policy.

We currently use Stitchlabs and ShipStation for order fulfillment

We also offer conventional wholesale. With wholesale, you are responsible for holding and shipping out the stock. For conventional bulk orders of 25 units or more, we offer a 15% discount. To learn more about our conventional bulk order offerings, contact Wholesale@goodsbybc.com.

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