Halloween is one of those festivals that people look forward to. With the right costume to match the occasion, the fun can be unlimited. However, unlike what most people believe, it is not that easy to choose the right Halloween costumes.

To look unique, you ought to design your own costumes or hope that whatever you will choose from the store is perfect. We at Goods By BC have compiled the list of 10 most sought after Halloween costumes that you can purchase from our website.


Roman Goddess has a unique place in Greek culture as well as world culture. It is believed that When the Romans conquered Greece in 146 BC; they assimilated Greek culture and religion and blended it with their own culture. That’s why most of the Greek gods and goddesses have two names–a Greek name and a Roman name.

A lady in a classical Greek or a Roman goddess Halloween costume on Halloween night will be a worthy tribute to this rich Greek culture. The Greek goddess costumes are available to purchase at BCGoodsBy. The pair includes a toga or a beautiful flowing ivory gown with golden stripes on the waist.

The outfit will help you reveal your inner Goddess in this Grecian inspired look.

Goods By BC is also a Halloween costume wholesale dealer. You can buy a Roman goddess outfit in wholesale too!


Nativity Scenes is one of Christmas’s famous stories. We find this play being performed almost everywhere during Christmas. But, nativity Scenes without Joseph’s child costumes are half-done. Make sure you’ve got a good Joseph costume if you’re planning this nativity scene this Christmas or for Halloween.

You can buy the Joseph costume At Goods By BC. The set includes a tunic and a brown overcoat attached to the robe. The outfit is available in children’s small, medium, and large sizes. Be sure to check our accessories page for Joseph costume accessories!


You don’t need to go back to the 18th century to be a Picasso. Just by purchasing a pair of Renaissance Painter costumes from Goods By BC, you can make this dream come true. The costume includes a Red gown attached to the brown coat.

This Painter look is ideal for theatrical productions, Halloween Parties, and Cosplay events. The dress is 100% polyester. For accessories such as beards or caps, you can always check our accessories page.

Just add a pair of a paintbrush and a paint tray as your artillery, and you are ready to roll!


Be a messiah for a day and bless the people! Buy Jesus’ costume from Goods By BC.

Based on the classic characterization of Good Shepherd, the Christmas costume features a complete look with a ruby sash and an iconic long robe. This costume is perfect for your annual Christmas pageant or play!

The outfit gives you an iconic Biblical figure look. The dress is 100% polyester.

Add a plastic crown of thorns to complete this biblical look and to make this an exceptional costume for church shows or religiously themed Halloween parties!


More skills required for being a Caribbean pirate other than knowing a taste of rum and a funny accent. It also demands a dashing outfit, sword skill, and charisma. We can’t help you out with all these three, but we can certainly help you with the dashing Caribbean pirate costumes.

Our Caribbean pirate costume comprises a long white shirt, paired with a brown coloured cropped skirt and a black trouser.

Buy a perfect Caribbean pirate costume from the Goods By BC.

To add, you can even buy this outfit in bulk at wholesale rate from Goods By BC as we are a Halloween costumes wholesaler too!


Board this year’s Halloween ship in high seas style by putting on this lady buccaneer. We are damn sure that every pirate will fall in love with the lass who wears this Sexy Medieval pirate costume!

This medieval pirate costume has everything you need except the boots and the battlewagon.

The pirate costume at Goods By BC holds a shiny white shirt, Red & Golden top, and a knee-long red-coloured mesh skirt. Pair it up with white boots. The ruby and gold details are ideal fit for the Comic-Con events, Halloween parties, and plays. Buy Now!


Are you planning for a kinda holy Halloween this time around? Be holier than thou with wearing this religiously inspired Nun costume. Turn things up on the dance floor. Make some moves!

The Sister costume at Goods By BC includes a thigh long off-shoulder black dress paired with black mesh pattern. Wear a white-colour head ribbon and white stockings to soar the party temperature. Don’t forget cross jewellery.

You can even convince your partner to wear a priest or pop costume to make you a perfect Halloween couple!


Goods By BC also has a variety of sidekick costumes. Dress up as a sexy plumber this Halloween. The plumber costume comes with a green T-shirt, Green cap, and a blue Jumpsuit. Keep some plumbing tools handy to give it a more realistic look.

This Green Plumber costume is ideal for Comic-Con and Halloween. The outfit is 100% Polyester made. Just to add, being a Halloween costume wholesaler, you can count on us for bulk buy.


We are assured that Fairy costumes will always be a part of the Halloween parties until the world’s end.

From Cinderella to rainbow fairies to woodland fairies, we have witnessed an entirely different world that is full of fairies. Dress up in a fairy costume and fly to Neverland. If you want to wear a fairy costume on this Halloween, take a look through our vast selection of outfits. We know you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!

We suggest you buy this fairy costume from Goods By BC. The Mint green short dress with bottom details would be a simple yet perfect outfit for the Halloween fairy costume. Grab a complete look by bringing your own wand and let the people envy you.


The sailor is the person who navigates and assists the operation of marine ships. You could either be a beautiful sexy sailor or transform into a pin-up character with added designs. We have sailor costumes for women.

The Sailor woman costume at Goods By BC offers a dark Red T-shirt paired with a regular size black short. Add knee-long white socks to make it look better. This gorgeous ensemble makes it easy to imagine the sounds of the sea around you.

You can even convince your friends and family for a group costume to enjoy Halloween day to its fullest.

Let’s set sail!

With this, we are concluding the list of 10 Best Selling Goods by BC Costumes 2020. We hope you liked most of these dresses. Also, don’t forget to contact us whenever you plan to buy Halloween costumes in wholesale. We have the best deals to offer!