Wearing wigs with Halloween costumes, at festivals and theme parties can be such a fun thing to do. Moreover, it adds a layer of magnificence and a sense of completeness to your look. However, people are often unsure about the wig type they should buy from the wide varieties available and most importantly how to style and care for its longevity.

Don’t worry, we have come up with answers to all such questions related to costumes, and wigs that will enable you to make accurate decisions while purchasing, styling and maintaining your costume wigs.

Types of Wig and Choosing Them

There can be various types of wigs based on the material used, shape and style of a wig and the occasion it is intended for. While choosing Halloween wigs or fashion wigs online, one must know a few basics about the types of wigs available.

If your prime aim is to have some fun for Halloween or theme party, then you can consider buying an affordable and general looking mesh cap. Mesh caps are the cheapest option in terms of price and look. However, if you need entertainment wigs, i.e. wigs for the purpose of cosplay with entertainment costumes, and then you must give a thought to buying either monofilament wigs or lace wigs.

Monofilament wigs are made by sewing hairs on the hair cap. As it takes less time to prepare, these caps are also not expensive but still give a great look altogether. Lace wigs, on the other hand, look the most realistic and hence are expensive too. It uses strands of hair which are then sewn to the lace cap.

On the basis of these three types, wigs can come in varieties like with braided front wigs, full lace front wigs, and many other forms. So, it’s up to you to decide which wig type you need.

Styling a Wig

Styling a wig is not limited to combing the wig hair, rather one requires many crucial items to make sure the wig remains intact. Some items you may require for styling includes a comb, brush, pins, spray or foam, blow dryer, etc.

To style a wig firstly you need to tie your hair backward so that it does not look like a crown placed right over your head. Next up, it is time to put a wig on your head. To ensure it’s intact, and does not come out, you can make use of bobby pins and U-shaped pins between cap and hair and to internal hair as well.

While styling lace front or monofilament wigs, one should take care of wig hair and not treat it as human hair. Brush and comb when and where intended while at the same time be wary while brushing curls as it may fall off or become frizzy. To change the hair direction, one may use a spray to set the hair and then apply bobby pins on it.

To style the wig hair you can use steam, shampoo, sprays, non-heat curlers and brushes. Using shampoo followed by steam, one can get smooth and natural hair which looks pretty authentic. However, one should prohibit using heated iron or placing a wig on an oven.

Caring and Maintaining a Wig

Wigs can be costly at times and hence must be given due care and maintenance. It ensures the wig could be used for a longer period and you could use many historical costumes with it for various festivals and occasions.

Some steps you must take care of for maintaining a wig:

1. Firstly, select a brush to comb the hair wig. For this one you can consider using special plastic brushes and combs and not the regular ones. Doing this may result in hair fall and breakage.

2. Don’t wash your wig after every use. However, if you have applied too many products over it, then consider washing it after some use. For washing wigs, you can use special shampoos and spray conditioners that are ideally suited for synthetic wigs.

3. After washing the wig, don’t start combing the wig rather let it release all the water and get dry. You may consider putting it on your roof under the sun or use some blow dryer on it.

4. Avoid using curling irons, straightening wands and blow dryers. If you intend to use a blow dryer, then only do it on a low setting. Remember excessive heat can deteriorate synthetic fibers.

5. Don’t put it in a trash can rather give it to someone if you intend to do so. To keep it safe and ready to use for the next time, pack it in the packaging and put it at a safer place.

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