The spookiest time of year is around the corner, why not celebrate with holiday profits? Halloween is one of the most popular seasons and creepy-cool style is expanding beyond October. By using innovative fulfillment methods like dropshipping, and classic economy styles, finding seasonal success is so easy it’s scary.

Most people think that the biggest boom for retail is the lead up to the winter holiday season, but starting in August people start spending on back to school and Halloween. As the second most commercial holiday in the US, Halloween holds just as much potential profit as holiday gift-giving. With 175 million Americans planning to celebrate Halloween and costumes (not surprisingly) will see the most profit.

The simplest way to snag the most sales before Old Hallows Eve is with dropshipping and e-commerce. Brick and mortar stores require large investments of time and money. With a dropshipping method like Goods By BC’s, you’ll be able to start listing products on your web platform and making sales in as little time as a week. With exclusive product deals available you’ll also be able there’s no need to worry about competition for your products.


What is Drop Shipping?

Starting with Dropshipping, it has become one of the most popular options for most e-commerce retailers. It’s the most effective, quick and low-risk way to start selling online. With no money down until a sale is made, the barrier to starting your own business is nearly eliminated. The best part is the e-tailer never handles the product. You decide your profit margin, you control the marketing, you take care of your customers – the dropshipper handles the rest.

Dropshipping suppliers are wholesalers with enough warehouse space and product, to offer sellers an opportunity without buying the product directly. Building an online or offline business from scratch is a humongous investment both in time as well as cash. On the other side, Dropshipping can be a perfect way to go all-in without gambling your livelihood.


Halloween by the numbers


According to the survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, from 2005 with sales of $3.3 billion, in 2018 it was $9 billion which is the second-highest spending record after 2017’s $9.1 billion. With that rate of increase and marketing analytics showing increasing interest in all the scary and outrageous, it’s obviously a low-risk investment.


Last year roughly 9 billion dollars were earned from the Halloween season in 2 months. With numbers like these, there is plenty of profit to go around. By making strategic choices and creating a simple website you’ll be able to learn all the tricks and enjoy all the treats the season has to offer.


The 15.7% of people that will use online stores will look for quality, pricing, and discounts. Affordable pricing and a friendly user interface will ensure your site gains traffic and transforms the end-user into your loyal customer.


Where to Start?



Knowing your consumer base is the best way to tailor your web design and product selection. Key information about your customers: age, budget, and region. These three factors have a huge impact on the success of your site. By doing cursory research and implementing basic SEO, you’ll be able to connect with the people looking for your products in a matter of clicks.


Products and Fulfillment

Generally, the biggest issue with starting your own retail operation is sourcing the product and ensuring that it arrives to your customer. Dropshipping was designed to solve these very problems. Goods by BC and other dropship companies have the ability to fulfill and ship same-day anywhere in the US and internationally. With shipping and fulfillment solved, your next task is to pick your products. By using audience research and your own taste you can make strategic decisions that are authentically curated to your vision.


Time to Go Live

As any seasoned business person knows, a profitable entity depends on marketing to get the word out about their products. By using social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest you can brand your products, enhance the digital experience for potential customers. You can also look for paid promotions to assist you to reach your audience, using cutting edge analytic tools. Your marketing plan should include a consistent blend of SEO, email, social media, ads, and engaging content.


Contact Local Stores

There’s no need to ignore the real world, in fact, it’s important to collaborate with the local suppliers to improve your outreach and build relationships with other businesses. This way, you can reach out to the local market, find support and product from other costume stores, and still operate online.


The Art of the Steal

When thinking about your profit margins and it’s important to put yourself in the position of the consumer. Who doesn’t love a sale? Buying products at a discounted rate is more than a deal for your wallet, it has social value. Getting the greatest deal has become a badge of pride for the shopping addicts among us. Short term sales and social media giveaways are a great way to earn profit and build your consumer base. They may think they’re ripping you off but you’re the real winner in the end.


The Take-Away

Halloween is trending away from seasonal to being a 365 industry with billions of profit. Using low-risk fulfillment options and minimal research, a passion project can become a full-fledged business in a month. The Dropshipping suppliers make it way easier for the sellers to drive a larger profit and gain brand recognition – here’s how:


  • You get Halloween items with wholesale prices that help you earn a serious profit.
  • They handle the packaging and shipping process making it easier for you to save on supplies.
  • Eliminates the risk of your product depreciating if they don’t sell. This way, you do not invest in more risky products.
  • High potential to go beyond seasonal sales. With a range of styles and sizes, your business can carry endless volume year-round.
  • Low maintenance, low risk, high profit.