It is not easy to start, manage and grow an online business. It requires a lot of investments; both time and financially. The web is dynamic, and different business models are introduced on a daily basis; which is a good thing. Irrespective of the nature of the business, it is paramount you invest in digital marketing, especially if you are a player in a time-bound business such as dropshipping.

What is dropshipping?

In the versatile world of internet marketing, dropshipping can basically be defined as a unique online business model that allows a retailer of specific products such as wigs or costumes works directly with a supplier, manufacturer or distributor to deliver (dropship) products to the customer without having to personally keep inventory. This model allows the customer to place an order on the retailer’s website, pay the retail price, while the retailer makes a profit by purchasing the same product at the wholesale price and having it delivered to the customer directly. This is an amazing business model that reduces overhead costs, guarantees customers of their products in time and helps the manufacturer or distributor grow sales. At the end of the transaction, everyone is a winner.

What is digital marketing?

Most people confuse digital marketing with either social media marketing or mobile marketing. The majority assume search engine optimization covers everything about digital marketing. In a layman’s language, digital marketing a process through which products and services are made available on digital platforms for easy access by targeted customers. People spend long hours on digital platforms such as mobile devices, browsing social media websites, watching videos online, or even reading emails. Digital marketing, therefore, entails ensuring that web users get targeted advertising messages on these platforms, transforming them into buying customers.

How is digital marketing important in the dropshipping business? 

Digital marketing is the cornerstone of any online business. In the dropshipping industry, the retailer has to promote the products on his or her business. On the other hand, the customer can be any typical web surfers searching for the products to make a purchase. On coming across the said product, he or she places the order, checks out and makes the payment. This is only possible if the dropshipping suppliers have invested in digital marketing. Otherwise, there shall be no visibility. The web is competitive, and the higher the ranking in the search engines of your targeted keywords, the better for the business.

Forms of digital marketing

There are various forms of digital marketing that dropship entrepreneurs can make use of. They include, but not limited to

  • Email marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engines marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-per-click

While it is advisable to utilize all the aforementioned digital marketing solutions for your Halloween business, there are some forms are obviously better than others and guarantee better long term results than others. However, each of these methods suits specific demographics; there is no one-fit-all solution whatsoever.

1. Mobile marketing 

How long do you spend on your mobile devices? Well, the truth is, most people cannot just let go of their phones. They are either browsing the internet, on some mobile apps or reading text messages. This is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing method that dropshipping suppliers can utilize to grow their businesses. The most effective and popular mobile marketing strategy is through in-app advertisements due to their higher conversion rates.

2. Email marketing 

This is one of the fastest and effective digital marketing methods. Emails have a personal touch. People check their emails multiple times a day. Sometimes, they bump into advertisements, get curious, click on the links and boom, they end up on a website selling something they like. It is also one of the oldest digital marketing methods that have remained effective over the years.

3. Pay per click

As you work on your marketing strategy, you need a budget for advertising. Pay per click allows you to pay for services such as Google AdWords and get featured on top of the search engine result pages. This is one of the easiest ways for new companies to get visibility with higher conversion rates. Most people trust the top results in SERPs, the reason why this method is effective for Halloween dropshipping businesses such as Goods by BC.

4. Social media marketing 

From the giant Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to professional sites such as LinkedIn, social media offer unlimited opportunities to digital marketers. It is, however, paramount that you understand the types of people who use these sites because Facebook users and LinkedIn users don’t have most things in common. LinkedIn might be good for B2B marketing, but not ideal for direct consumers, who are best found on Facebook. There are various ways through which your wholesale dropshipping business can go about this; from paying for ad placement to maximizing Facebook groups.

5. Content marketing 

People are hungry for information; the reason why most people check out websites. In the internet world, it is believed that content is king! Search engines will rank your site based on the quality of content. People will spend more time on your web pages if the information there is interesting to read and informative. Content marketing is crucial and diverse. While you have to publish blogs on your website, you need to explore ghost blogging and serious link building for your dropship business.

6. Search engine marketing

Commonly known as search engine optimization (SEO), this form of digital marketing is the most recommended for guaranteed long term visibility and higher ranking in SERPs. You need to understand the targeted keywords through comprehensive research, publish related content, build relevant links, ensure a presence on social media through regular content sharing, and more. It is a complex process that in most cases will require the services of a digital marketing agency.

7. Affiliate marketing 

Dropshipping closely resembles affiliate marketing. Here, you advertise and market someone’s products and earn a commission when they purchase. If you have watched a YouTube video of someone trying to convince why some solutions are better and why you should purchase, then that is what it entails.


During the Halloween period, most people purchase their costumes at the last minute. The surest way to ensure that they receive their purchases in time is through dropshipping. However, there are many dropshipping suppliers targeting the same customers. The only way to beat the chasing competition is to remain visible and relevant. That is best realized through reliable digital marketing strategies. When you get it right, your business will soar. It is a worthy investment.