There is a growing concern of the effects of global warming on Earth. It is quite sad to know that there are animals- and people in the world who apart from the general public, have started to experience the diverse effects of global warming. Knowing this bit of information has led to several people being environmentally friendly to avoid the collapse of the eco-system. The question of whether online shopping is more eco-friendly than store shopping causes a debate whenever it is mentioned. However, most people would argue that both parties are equally right; the statistics beg to differ. With dropship being one of the options one can subscribe to when online shopping, it would be ingenuous to think that mall shopping is better or safer on the environment. 

A number of high-end online stores have no physical locations where consumers can step in and buy their products. This has only led to the conservation of the environment since it regulates the packaging used by consumers and also the fuel spent when coming to shop at those locations. Although the answer to this question is not a resounding black and white, one cannot fail to notice the significant difference both shopping experiences have to offer and settle on one that is more eco-friendly than the other; which to be quite honest is online shopping. But I am not going to tell you what to choose. The only thing I can only do is to give you the dynamics surrounding both online shopping and physical shopping and allow you to conclude for yourself. I mean, don’t we all rebel to things we are told not to do or do?

Online Shopping

Wholesale shopping is pretty much the best part of online shopping for most people. With bulk purchases having slashed prices, people have one more reason to shop online, even though it does not correlate to saving the environment. 

Online shopping has not existed for a long time, but still, studies show that it reduces one person’s carbon footprint by a whopping 30% compared to the average mall shopper. Granted, many things can go wrong when talking about online shopping, given there isn’t any personal contact from the manufacturer to the shopper and sizes, colors, and even textures of items could go very wrong. But, this is not enough reason to dismiss online shopping as a whole because the benefits are quite significant, and it would be such a mistake to decide and ignore them.

Features such as drop shipping allow shoppers to feel free and order customized items from their preferred online store. In this case, the risks and mistakes are quite minimized since the instructions are quite clear on what the client wants. So, what is dropshipping? And how does it make online shopping more eco-friendly than store shopping?

What is Drop Shipping?

In lay-man’s terms, dropshipping is when a store does not keep certain products in their stock and directs customer orders to their supplier may it be a manufacturer, another retailer or a wholesaler. This chain of supply has proven to work effectively for most online stores in reducing deadstock, sending the wrong items to clients, and minimizing confusion between them and their clientele.

Dropshipping has not only allowed retailers to reduce the amount of physical location (warehouses) they have but also impacted positively on the environment. How, might you ask? Well, it is interesting to learn how much space parking lots and warehouses take in malls and physical shopping locations. With drop shipping, this is a thing of the past as you more space is conserved, and less fuel is spent traveling to certain areas for shopping since orders are dropped right at your doorstep. Compared to how many people drive to physical shopping locations to do their shopping and how much fossil fuel is spent on the way, dropshipping is the best option anyone would choose. 

When sending items to clients, one truck might have a couple of locations they can drop the products off as they go, which leads to less fuel and a safer environment. It is essential to ensure that when shopping online, you go for stores that already have a reputation and an online presence that you can trust. This way, they do not compromise on their dropshipping suppliers because that would mean substandard goods or just receiving the wrong products. 

Why Choose Online Shopping?

Many people might need more than saving the environment to shop online. It is entirely unclear to most people why shopping online is safer for them, and their future generations and hence, they require more reasons to do so. 

With online shops such as Goods by BC, which have based their entire business in pleasing their clients and drop shipping, you will be glad to know that they insist on cutting down waste and promoting reusable products. The company uses very minimal paper during packaging- which is not to say that they have compromised on quality. 

The convenience one gets from receiving their products through dropshipping is unmatched. Shopping from the comfort of your home and receiving the products you shopped for is just one of the best things about online shopping. There is less fuel being used and hence reducing your CO2 footprint by almost half. Dropship is literally the gift that keeps on giving. 

Note: The best way to protect the environment when shopping online is to shop as less as possible since there will be a minimized amount of your carbon footprint.