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The journey of an entrepreneur can be tough. There are many hurdles you have to jump and competition to beat. However, the choice of good business can be the ultimate highway during your entrepreneurial journey. Think about wigs wholesale business, for example. Why and how can it be your breakthrough? 

1. There is demand

Every woman, and some men, want to wear the perfect hairdo. A woman’s hair says a lot about her character, personality and fashion sense. Some occasions such as Halloween will always require a broad range of festival wigs to fit the occasion. Therefore, venturing into this type of business is a great idea because the market is available. Wigs have to be replaced from time to time; expect return customers for as long as your business is running so long as the quality is good. 

2. Variety of wigs

From party wigs to festival wigs, there is a broad range of available wigs that anyone can purchase. Manufacturers and fashion designers are doing their best to ensure that every head has something unique. This means that it is possible to customize every wig depending on their preferences. You can, therefore, provide your customers with something they will like and not copied. You can find wigs in different sizes, colors, and shapes. You can choose based on your skin tone, head size or even shape. There are absolutely no limits here. 

3. Long-lasting 

Unlike other types of hair, wigs can last for weeks! Yes, everyone is trying to save a few coins for other things. While there are some people who can replace their hairstyles after every week, there is a section that doesn’t mind changing a couple of times a week. Those on a budget want hairstyles that will last them a few days or even weeks without appearing to be wasted. Buying wigs wholesale does not only guarantee them longevity but also saves them money. That is the ultimate reason why someone on a budget will go for wigs. 

4. No boundaries; thanks to e-commerce

There are currently no boundaries when it comes to transacting any kind of business online. A large number of people buy and sell from online stores. You can order your lace front wigs from an e-commerce store of your choice from the safety and comfort of your home and have it delivered to your home in a few hours or days. This does not only save you money and time, but it is convenient.  

5. Women love them

The fact is, women love wigs! Unlike men who mostly stick to a specific hairstyle, women enjoy the variety. Furthermore, busy professional and business ladies want a hairstyle that will save them time. Most women want to remain stylish without having to waste hours in the morning making their hair. With wigs, it takes only a few minutes of straightening and they are as good as new. With this in mind, they will always stick to their wigs of choice as long as they serve them well. 

After considering the aforementioned factors, you might be interested in venturing into this business. However, be warned that simply because there is a demand for wigs and variety or because they are loved doesn’t guarantee success in this line of business. Here are a few tips that can help you make it in the wigs dropship business. 

1. Market research

Wigs Business Market

You need to understand what the customer really wants before you can even try to sell anything. The only way to do that is to research. You can attend regular pieces of training to remain abreast of styles that are trending so that you may be able to remain competitive and relevant in the lace front wigs business. Remember, this is a very dynamic industry; whatever was fashionable today will be unpopular the following day. Before you know it, your customers will be glowing in what they believe suits the style of the day. 

2. Specialize

Specialization is key because you can remain the master in your area of specialization. There are many types of wigs you can pursue. Find out which ones are on-demand and choose and become the best in that line. For example, you may decide to choose a festival wig and get perfection. This means that you work with the best manufacturers and wholesalers of festival wigs exclusively and serve customers seeking this kind of wigs. Understand the demand and see if the business can be sustainable. Once you become an authority in that line of business, then it will be difficult for anyone to beat you at it. Alternatively, you can choose a couple of wigs type and perfect on the same; it all depends on your preferences. 

3. Get reliable suppliers

Most businesses don’t survive their first year of inception because of various reasons, top of which is unreliability. You must decide to work with the best wigs wholesale suppliers for guarantee supply over the longest period of time. Do not fall for the fly-by-night suppliers whose only focus is to make money out of your sweat. Your customers want guaranteed suppliers. This is especially important in the wigs dropship business since you don’t want to receive an order you cannot deliver on, especially after the customer has made the payment. Take your time, consult widely and find out if your supplier has the capacity to deliver on the promise. If not, move on to the next available one; there are many willing to do business with you, don’t feel caged. 

4. Marketing

Marketing is the pillar on which any successful business flourishes. It doesn’t matter whether you have the best quality party wigs in the world; if no one knows about them, then you will never make sales. Maximize both digital and conventional marketing strategies and be persistent. Have a website nicely designed where you can showcase your amazing wigs. Create social media pages and engage with your customers or even followers. Have a mailing list to remind about the latest arrivals, tips, and insights or just to keep them engaged. 

5. Quality vs. price factor

When starting a new business, the toughest job is always the ability to find a balance between quality and price. You want to stock and sell the best quality products while selling them at the right price possible. One thing about the wigs dropship business is that someone else is always trying to package their products differently. Get the best quality and offer them value for their money. Don’t be too expensive, neither should you be too cheap. 

Finally, you must ensure there is consistency. Don’t be one who will deliver on time today and take weeks to do the same later. Don’t keep changing prices simply because the demand has increased. Be consistent in quality, customer service (very important), pricing and everything that entails your wigs dropship business. With all factors considered, you will be smiling to the bank.  

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Dropshipping is creating quite a buzz in the eCommerce scene that seems to be working positively for online stores and subsequently their clients. Dropship offers a different feel to how online businesses conduct their day to day and their interaction with their clients. Although it is a new concept and a daring one so to speak, many businesses have adapted to it, and a good number of them can see the difference.

From using few resources to producing less waste, the list of advantages everyone gets from the whole idea is endless, and that is what’s so appealing about dropshipping. It offers something for everyone. 

Dropshipping might seem like a daunting, tedious and intimidating idea for anyone who is yet to grasp it. But, it is not quite as much work as people would like to believe or have been made to think. 

Wholesale plays such a significant role in what drop shipping was initially made to achieve. Clients who purchase goods in bulk require them after a certain period after the order, and hence drop shipping is the best option to go with as the online store might not have a vast physical warehouse to store the goods before delivery. 

This way, nothing gets lost from the manufacturer and the online store does not have to take up so much space for storing goods. It is a win-win situation for everyone in the chain- and yes, dropshipping is a supply chain from the retailer, manufacture to the customer.

How about we discuss everything you need to know about dropshipping? From what it is, to how much you can benefit from it, the pros and cons of using this supply chain, and how you save up more with drop shipping than you can with other supply chains.

What is Drop Shipping?

Change is inevitable, and that is what drop shipping is providing for many businesses. With global warming becoming a constant growing monster, everyone must play a role in controlling the amount of damage they put in the world. So, what is dropshipping in simple words?

Well, dropshipping is a type of chain supply where retailers do not store products or keep inventory. Online stores (which is where dropshipping thrives), do not stock the products they sell and instead send customers’ orders and shipment details to a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer. 

You will realize with drop shipping, you only have to take orders from your clients, and the rest is handled by the dropshipping suppliers you decide to choose for the order. 

All About Dropshipping

Here is a simple breakdown of what drop shipping actually is:-

  • The online retail or wholesale store takes an order and shipment details from the client.
  • The business forwards the details from the client to the dropship supplier, including shipment details.
  • The dropship supplier prepares the order as received and ships them directly to the client with the name of the online retail store.

This is one of the most cost-effective ideas business can decide to conform to. In fact, it is the best option online retailers have to eliminate overhead. 

A physical warehouse means there will be a lot of costs that cannot be explained and hence, continually having to face loss. Dropshipping allows businesses to operate without having to incur extra charges on shipment, packaging, rent and many more, which is more than anyone can ask.

It is also crucial to understand that physical warehouse is not always the best option since items can get lost, the spaces are quite expensive, clients’ carbon footprint increase due to driving to the warehouse, wasting space due to parking, and many more.

Looking at all these, it just makes sense to get into dropshipping sooner rather than later.

Benefits of Drop Shipping

Apart from the apparent advantage of eliminating overhead, there are quite a number of benefits that a drop-ship business gets. Here is a list that you might want to review while considering the idea:-

Requires Less Capital

Starting a dropshipping business is quite the catch because it requires less capital to start and even fewer resources to manage. Unlike physical stores, dropshipping online retailer stores do not stock inventory, and therefore one expense is cut. The business will also not have to ship the products to the clients which mean no money spent there.

There Are No Risks Involved

Unlike operating other businesses, dropshipping has no risks. There is no risk of someone walking into your shop and pointing a gun at you, neither do you have to worry about stocking up particular products rather than others. And interesting enough, if the business is not making sales- there is nothing to worry about because it is not losing anything anyway.

Promotes Creativity

With drop shipping, whether you are doing it as a retail or wholesale store, the whole idea fosters creativity. You are allowed to sell whatever you want since the business is not limited by inventory or resources. Although, a business is highly advised to choose a niche that they can specialize in – to reach a wider market and to allow clients to associate one particular thing with the business.

If you are selling wigs and costumes, then do not compromise by adding natural oils into the mixture because then- the business will not and cannot flourish.

No Limitations by Location

The beauty with drop shipping just like with any other online job these days is you can work from anywhere. Yes, unlike physical stores where you have to show up every morning to make sales- dropshipping allows you to work from anywhere in the world without anything going amiss. 

Less Damaged Goods

Deadstock- every physical business owner will confirm they have a pile of dead stock in their store. It gets even worse if the goods are perishable. Dropshipping allows businesses to have less to no damaged goods in their business which means less loss and more profit. With orders heading straight to the clients from the dropshipping suppliers – there are no instances where the business will experience hiccups or in this case, have damaged goods.

More Time to Dedicate to the Business

Dropshipping allows business owners to get more time, which they can dedicate to the business by getting more clients and even improving their website. These actions naturally enable businesses to grow beyond what it already is.

Is DropShipping Worth it?

The next important question after one might ask, after what is drop shipping, is how do you make a profit, or is dropshipping worth a try? 

The answer is a resounding yes, dropshipping business happens to be one of the most lucrative online business ideas that one might have. Interesting enough, for people who are interested in creating an online retail store for dropshipping- this is the time to do it because the business is not swamped, and there more opportunities for you to start and grow as a business. 

This is the time to get into the dropship wagon and make some profits out of it. There is less competition and more opportunities. Plus, research indicates that businesses might make a profit of not less than 45% for certain goods and even more than 100% for others. If that is not enough reason, then nothing can be.

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Digital customer service has evolved over the years. Customers have become choosier, requiring business owners to offer top notch products or reviews or lose business. In the dropship industry, it is paramount that you keep your customers happy throughout the transaction and after. Bear in mind that there are many similar players in the industry and customers are at liberty to try out any other business they like.

First things first; what is dropshipping? Well, this is a supply chain concept where the seller of products doesn’t directly keep stock of the same. Instead, he or she gets the orders from customers, processes the payment and transfers the order, complete with requisite shipment details to a manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor or another retailer, who then processes the shipment of the ordered goods directly to the buyer. This model works for both parties because the owner of the goods gets the market while the seller makes some margins from the entire transaction.

It is a relatively popular method considering the fact that the manufacturer or wholesaler can only focus on the process of manufacturing superior quality goods, leaving the marketing aspect to the dropshipping supplier. Considering its rather complex nature, a drop shipper must ensure that the customer is kept in the loop throughout the process.

Advantages of good customer service

There are many known advantages of good customer service, which include, but not limited to; 

  • Customer acquisition: When you offer excellent customer experience, you stand a higher chance of acquiring new customers because the customers become the best advocates for your business. 
  • Customer retention: It takes 9 times more effort to get a new customer for your dropship business than to maintain the current one. Customer retention is therefore paramount. 
  • Business expansion: Grow your business in folds through customer expansion. You can realize this only if you keep them happy. 
  • Brand visibility: Let the world know that you are a market leader because the best advocates for dropshipping suppliers are actually the current customers. 
  • Less complaints: You save time by processing less complaints from dissatisfied customers who will stop at nothing to give you a bad name, which is no good for business. Save time resolving refund requests and focus on the core business.

The ultimate benefit of good customer service is the fact that you will acquire, engage, support and retain your customer base. It is estimated that poor customer experience leads to loss of more than 50% of the customers, while 25% will share their experience with friends and urge them never to do business with such a company and another 20% will not lie low; they will proceed and post a negative review about the brand. It is also estimated that close to 90% of customers have ceased shopping from dropshipping suppliers and other online stores simply because of poor customer experience.

How to guarantee the best customer experience

Generally, you have to understand your customers if you are to engage them better. Each customer is different, and considering that there are no direct customer touch, it is paramount that you engage them with caution. Here are some tips to get you started. 

1. Courtesy

How do you respond to a customer who received the wrong product from a wholesaler? Do you rush and promise a refund, or persuade them to take a replacement? Well, going with the former will eat into the profits, but most customers will demand exactly that. However, you can always be courteous, apologize and promise a replacement of the same product as soon as possible.

2. Information is power

Online orders get misplaced or lost altogether. Customers want to track their products throughout the transaction period. No one wants to be in darkness expecting a product that will not make it to their doorsteps. Dropshipping suppliers should provide all possible information on product tracking. This helps ease the tension as the customer will have an idea on the estimated date of delivery of the product.

3. Use the right customer service channels

Digital customer service channels are many at the moment. You must however ensure that you provide the best channel that works both for you and the customer. Some of the most common channels are:

  • Email: This is the most common and highly recommended for dropshipping suppliers. Ensure that your email address is easily accessible whenever a customer needs to make an enquiry. Of course it has to be on the home page alongside other contact details. Emails are good because of traceability and record keeping. 
  • Live chat: There are times when customers need answers instantly. In such cases, live chat is the most ideal option because you can easily resolve concerns raised. There is also some personal touch to live chats. 
  • Social media: About 67% of customers will contact various brands through social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, among others. Most of these customers, more than 40%, expect responses in less than one hour, if not instantly. You must, therefore, ensure that your social media pages are updated and customer complaints addressed instantly.
  • Phone number: What other way to keep your dropship customer happy and assured that the order is on the way than to talk with them on the phone? Ensure that you provide a working phone number that they can use. It can be a text message, phone call (encouraged) or even chat platforms such as WhatsApp depending on preferences.

There are many avenues through which customer complaints can be addressed, but there are mechanisms that can be put in place to solve some of the common issues customers will raise with dropshipping suppliers. Here are some three strategies to reduce complaints.

  • Have a comprehensive Frequently Asked Question Page (FAQs)
  • Have a page where customers can track their orders
  • Stick to the delivery time

Ensuring great customer experience is the best way to grow your business. With fewer complaints to process and attend to, dropshipping suppliers can focus on establishing their brand in the market. It saves time and money while keeping your customers happy. This is the surest way to earn their loyalty for many years to come. 

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